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Chefs Dunk! - handy kitchen rubbish bag holder

Chefs Dunk! - handy kitchen rubbish bag holder

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Introducing the “Chef’s Dunk” - your new go-to kitchen helper! This innovative, one-of-a-kind rubbish bag holder clips onto most standard kitchen cabinets or drawers with a thickness of 17mm. Need a wider space for disposing vegetable peels? No problemo! Just ‘dunk’ them into our wide-open bin bag design. And if that 17mm doesn’t quite fit your cabinet, no worries! We can customize it to fit any measurements you submit. This handy, practical product is not only unique but also boasts a textured top surface for extra bacterial prevention. Plus, its durable ABS plastic material ensures longevity and resilience in your kitchen battles. So whether you’re peeling potatoes or just need an easy-to-reach rubbish bag holder, the “Chef’s Dunk” has got you covered!

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